Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I sometimes feel alone, even when I am surrounded by so many people. Friends and aquaintances. Just that sometimes even in the presence of 100s you don't find 1 person who can understand you. You are searching for a specific comfort or experiences to be able to sustain your emotional stress during the particular time.
Unfortunately searching for new people can be an even greater struggle. I need to learn how to approach people more.
Learn how to deal with the mistakes of those above you without sounding insulting and you are all on your own. Learn how to be yourself on your own.

DOn't get me wrong I love my friends. And care for them all so much. They are the people who try to understand me, stand by me even when they don't understand and don't judge me when they don't understand.

Thank you guys

We all need people like you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Target 1. Sucess

OK. After explaining the whole regime I'm going through I am proud to say I have managed to reach my first 5kg weight loss goal. Yay. Seems like what I am doing is working (up till now).
Now I need new goals. New ideas. On what to proceed to in the foloow weeks.
More soup. More fish. More veggies
Less chocolate. Less bread. Less sugar.

I'm so happy about achieving something small already.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Abandon 2. But trying to get back.

Main issue.
Weight loss.
OK I started about 4 weeks ago. At this point in life I have realised that one cannot go for short term "don't eat chocolate and starve yourself" regime. It lasts a week and than I go into choco overload.
This time the aim is change, slowly. You cannoy change your whole idea of life from night to day and expect it to work (if your willpower is as bad as mine). So this works by slowly adding goals to a lifestyle change every week or two, whilst retaining the changes you've already made. I am at my 5th week and I've lost 4 kg which is good. I've been eating chocolate every single day (multiple servings), till now (next week's goal is to reduce the chocolate to 1 serving per day).
Till now I've managed:
Week 1 + 2: Eat vegan till 6pm (no carbohydrates either and than eat a proper meal at 6pm and dessert)
Week 3: Don't eat after 9pm
Week 4: Eat a fruit between 10am and 11am
Week 5: Drink 1 litre of WATER a day.
So all well and good. Still a long way to go. Still need to eat more veggies somewhere between 1pm and 3pm. Reduce chocolate consumption. Eat soup once a week. Eat fish at least once a fortnight. Etc.
Any ideas appreciated.