Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back. Must not abandon

I tend to have the bad habit of abandoning most projects once I start them. So now that all my exams are over I have no more excuses not to write again.

Looking forward to watch a LOT of tv shows which I missed during the past 9 months and even new ones running duing summer (True Blood = <3).>
Also new project (yeah I'm full of them. Overly ambitious maybe afterwards I actually get to do something). Make a collection of really good recipes for myself (both ones I make up, recipe book or, my favourite of all, the lovely food blogs which can be found all over the web.\

July = Pride Month!! Yay!!! I'm considering attending at least 1 event from the ones being held in my local scene. I'm still very out of touch with the gay community here but maybe this is the best way to move one step forward. Definately going for the lesbian movie they are screening (and draging a friend along too).

I'm extremely happy at the moment so might as well enjoy it to the full (since once my exam results arrive things might change)