Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take 2.

Such a sad week has gone by and the stress just keeps rising and rising.

1). Bea Arthur's death. You've probably been hearing about this all week but I still have not come to terms with it and could only write about it now. Just yesterday I caught a rerun of the golden girls and Bea Arthur seemed just a vibrant and sarcastic as always. I guess as Dorothy she will always live on my memories and at the moment I can hold on to that. Even though I never knew her personally she was part of my life within The Golden Girls setting in a way few other series are (I would have to say even more than The L word is too). 

2). I'm sick. Was even feverish a few days ago. It's not the swine flu they told me (I hope they got it right, if not I would be the first case in my country). I am missing lectures at university (which I really should not) and I dis not have any energy to study (or even surf the internet) these part few days. Yes, I was THAT bad!

3). A few days ago I heard a conversation between to female teenagers on the bus. From what I could understand a friend of theirs had just come out to them and they were discussing her. I really hope none of the words they were saying would ever reach their friend and I hope they think long and thorough about what they said because if they are truely her friend they should not be saying things like "ewwww", "muff muncher", "disgusting", "perverted", "not normal sex". Btw, at one point they also mentioned that both of them "accepted" her.
I really wish I had friends like these (Yeah right). I'm not sure whether to cry, laugh or do both (but then I think I'd end up peeing in my pants if I tried doing both).

Three bad things are enough I think for now.

On a more positive note, I just found out that during Pride Week they are going to show "I Can't Think Straight". This is such a good move and better than last year's "The Gymnast". Definately will be going to see it, again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Song No.1

Ok First post up. I think I should start with an introduction on me and the meaning of the blog (well till now, it might change as I go along).

I am a 20 years old from Malta. I study at the local university here. I am an LGBT youth who is not very much into the gay scene (and I am not very much out either). I have wonderful friends who I love and cherish and a family with both positive and negative qualities.

My interests in life revolve around reading (mainly fiction), writing, movies (generally a good romantic comment will lighten up any day), dabbing my hands in the kitchen, LGBT related media and news, my computer (heh, I couldn't do without) and a myriad of other things I appreciate from my daily life.

Through this blog I hope to cover instances and news that has particularly hit me (whatever the topic may be). A creative website, a proposterous commercial, a funny event and more. Also any thoughts and feelings that I feel particular enough to share about.

Hope someone, someday, sometime will read something from here and feel it has touched them in some way. Now we see. Depends how crappy this stuff I come up with turns up.

P.S. Becareful for notes of sarcasm along the way.