Monday, April 27, 2009

Song No.1

Ok First post up. I think I should start with an introduction on me and the meaning of the blog (well till now, it might change as I go along).

I am a 20 years old from Malta. I study at the local university here. I am an LGBT youth who is not very much into the gay scene (and I am not very much out either). I have wonderful friends who I love and cherish and a family with both positive and negative qualities.

My interests in life revolve around reading (mainly fiction), writing, movies (generally a good romantic comment will lighten up any day), dabbing my hands in the kitchen, LGBT related media and news, my computer (heh, I couldn't do without) and a myriad of other things I appreciate from my daily life.

Through this blog I hope to cover instances and news that has particularly hit me (whatever the topic may be). A creative website, a proposterous commercial, a funny event and more. Also any thoughts and feelings that I feel particular enough to share about.

Hope someone, someday, sometime will read something from here and feel it has touched them in some way. Now we see. Depends how crappy this stuff I come up with turns up.

P.S. Becareful for notes of sarcasm along the way. 

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